[H]eart[H] Frequency

Bassist Paolo Frattini [Sherrita Duran band, Anthony Morgan Harlem Gospel Choir, Angela Watson, Bassi Maestro, Jeff the Six, etc…] delivers in his fusion acid jazzy alter-ego, #PabliBass. His new album, “[H]eart[H] Frequency” is a kaleidescopic glimpse into Pabli’s vast musical world, spanning Soul and Jazzy theme, Contemporary Smooth-jazz, Jazz-funk, to raw soulful take which harkens back to some of his recordings in the late ’90’s. Krug Lovers is testimony that Paolo retains his place as a groove trailblazer. In a world that’s increasingly niche, Paolo’s “[H]eart[H] Frequency” long awaited follow-up dares to embrace myriad moods, eras and genres. The album features a stellar cast of NY’s finest musicians, with vocals by Angela Watson (Sony music), Gabriele Comeglio, Tarcisio Olgiati, Mauro Brunini, Luca Pedroni, Luca Fraula, Gianluca Fiorentino. He notes: ” This album speaks of sounds, colors, feelings, of music played live without too much technology “.